Online Bible Study: Mark

Thank you for your interest in our online Bible study!

Our mission is very simple: to encourage people just like you to open their Bibles and see what God’s word says!

You’re on the base page for the study through the Bible book of Mark. (If you would prefer to start with an overview of the whole Bible, you can do that from the Online Bible Study: Overview page.) The lessons below follow right along with the text of Mark. They will guide you to read and think through the book one section at a time. You are not required to answer the questions at the end of each lesson, but we sure hope you will! And there’s nothing to stop you from working through a lesson more than once if you decide you want to review.

Lesson 1: Authority of Jesus
Lesson 2: Opposition to Jesus Grows
Lesson 3:  Jesus Teaches in Parables
Lesson 4:  Jesus Does the Impossible
Lesson 5:  The Message Spreads
Lesson 6:  Defective Spiritual Vision
Lesson 7:  Jesus Accepts the Lowly
Lesson 8:  Jesus vs. Jewish Leaders
Lesson 9:  Last Teachings of Jesus
Lesson 10:  Death, Burial and Resurrection